Eviction of Bigg Boss Malayalam contestant Ranjini Haridas

Posted by Online Desk, 06 Sep, 2018

As the regular viewer for the Asianet Show Bigg Boss Malayalam. This is the first Bigg Boss show I ever watched. I was a viewer for the first couple of episodes for the same format show in another channel. So when I heard about Asianet Bigg Boss I was confused whether to watch or not. But since Mohanlal is the host, I decided to give to watch.

I enjoyed the show for the first few weeks. Later I was having a doubt whether the show was scripted, because there are a lot of Fake IDs, created in last 1-2months in Big Boss Official Facebook channel.  And I also noticed that people are talking about Paid PR. I am a common person, and I watch the show as an entertainment, if the show is scripted or PR involved, I think there is no need to watch the show anymore.

I am a great Fan of lalettan and since Laletten is hosting the show I decided to continue watching Big Boss Malayalam. But I was very disappointed when one of the strong contestant Ranjini Haridas was eliminated. As I remember the week Ranjini was in Elimination list, we had a Flood in Kerala, and Asianet & Big Boss decided to postpone the elimination, which was a good decision. However next week Ranjini was eliminated from the show due to less vote.

Regarding this elimination I had some concern.

1.       As far as I know this game is based on the Viewers Vote, People of Kerala was in deep crisis due to the Flood. People are shocked and in a panick situation, in which they dont know what to do, how can Asianet expect these people to watch the show and vote for the favorite contestant.

2.       Personally, I know a lot of people who are viewers of Big Boss Malayalam who didnt vote in Big Boss

3.       After postponing the elimination, there was a hate campaign in asianet, that asianet is postponing the elimination to protect Ranjini Haridas. And I doubt there is vote manipulation against her by PR & other contestant Fans. If you follow the Official Big Boss on Facebook, it was evident from the post & comments.

4.       I feel Ranjini is a strong contestant, who give 100% to all task and motivates other contestants & a great entertainer. I strongly believe her eviction was unfair.

5.       After her eviction I personally feel, Big Boss lost its charm & become too boring, so I decided to stop watching the show,

I respect the channels decision, however I suggest the channel to cross check the votes which was given to each contestants. In this modern time, anyone can create 500 accounts and do the vote, which is leading to the elimination of a good and deerving contestant. Big Boss Show is based on survival of the fittest, as per my belief, the contestant who won the title for Bis Boss, should be the person who excel in everything, not just votes which can be manipulated or influenced by PR group. A person who didnt win any task, always fights, trying to find a chance to create fight, should not be a winner, just because he/she has PR votes.

Hence, I request you to kindly consider an immediate re entry for Ranjini into the show again. Ranjini is the face of Big Boss Malayalam season 1 in lot many ways and she should be back there in the show.


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Eviction of Bigg Boss Malayalam contestant Ranjini Haridas

After postponing the elimination, there was a hate campaign in asianet, that asianet is postponing the elimination to protect Ranjini Haridas.

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